Tuesday, August 18, 2009


She's alive...

And in Long Island mind you... or better yet "Laaaawwwwng I Luuund" :P.

It's been months, there's been a cross country move, two job changes, having to try and make new friends in a place where apparently NO ONE leaves.... it's been very interesting!
Unfortunately because of all that, I had to put down the knitting and crochet needles to try and get things under wrap.

BUT Now that things have seem to calm just a tad (gosh I hope I don't jinx mahself...) I've picked my old friends back up.. Thanks to an adorable co-worker as well who is into crocheting how fun is that!?

Sooo I was trying to over come my fears and try out a sock..or two.. I bought the Premier Yarns: Deborah Norville Collection Serenity Sock Weight in Lavender Topaz, oh oh and these ADORABLE Takumi Bamboo Knitting Needles. I think that is THE knitting needle for me, I love how it handles, my hands are on the larger side (Thanks Pops! :P) so these needles are very comfortable to work with.
Now the downside :(... I CAN'T DO IT!! *sobs uncontrollably* It's like... it's like my brain just spasms when it comes to trying to understand this. I know it shouldn't BE this hard and it isn't, cause thoooousands of knitters are doing it as I speak!

Hush, listen! hear those dpn's a-clickin'?

It's like I can't get past how to join the needles so that they'll form a tube when I finally start the stitches. I even tried to Youtube it just so I can see how a live person does it (Which, because I hate just giving up on stuff I know I'm capable of, I'll be youtubing again in a bit) but unfortunately she was going to fast even as I paused it every two seconds.

I mean COME ON! I have a nice little stash of sock yarn (This is what get for falling in love with colors :) that I want to make socks with, darnnabit!!!

I have also been working on a blanket, and a scarf for winter, so hopefully those'll be done soon. *le sigh* If anyone out there, reading this, knows of a place I can go in order to figure out this sock problem, please, please, please.. HEEELP!

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