Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just like a star...

So the time has come (my little friends) to talk of packing and things....

Yes yes, you heard right, we're in the heart of the "Big Move" as we speak...well thats sort of a lie :P! We haven't even begun to pack yet. But we have two weeks to get crackin' and packin'. Plus the new season has started at work, so I get to deal with that too.. Damn after all of this, I'm going to NEED a vacay. But I know I can do it :D!

I've also finished two hats. One for vtine day that you can see over at Ravelry: EclecticBfly, and ..actually you can see them both there :P the other one is the Divine hat by Rheathylia. I just love her designs.

I've got hat and scarf requests up the wazoo, so I'll be working on those for the road trip. I just have to make sure and get all the needed yarn before then.. It may be alittle bit before I post again...however I will keep you afloat on my travels :D I'll have to as we go from 76 degree weather, to 20 degree (feels like 10). So TRUST you will be hearin' about that. Thats prolly why I've been makin' hats scarves, (and attempting mittens)...we'll see..

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