Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Gotta Find Peace of Mind

So... in going through a horrible break-up, and in hopes of beginning a more promising one, I'm picking up my needles again, not only has it given me a chance to think (mostly) uninterrupted. It also gives me a chance to become creative again.

Notice I said "Become Creative", yes I'd lost my creativity a while ago, which is why there haven't been any posts in gosh, nearly a year. I cannot vow that that will never happen again, I can only pinky swear, that I'll try not t let it every happen again.

I've got a lot of projects I'm starting on, such as my first attempt at Wrist Warmers, which I think went swimmingly well, though they are a bit on the large side, my fault for accidentally going one row over the pattern, and not realizing it until I had already finished up sowing the sides :P. It's all fine, we make mistakes. They're very cute however and actually match the nail polish I have on, something my mother pointed out when I showed her the photo. (Which I will be uploading later as it's pushing 1am here and I can barely keep my eyes open and drool from grazing the keyboard, yes I know an adorable visual).

So what I'm trying to say is...for the time being... I'm back :)! Ravelry and all, so expect more news and more projects, ESPECIALLY since I've decided EVERYONE'S getting hand made gifts this year, I've become unemployed (Part of the aforementioned break-up), and simply cannot afford to buy much of anything, so gifts from the heart is what everyone is receiving.
I really should get going before I turn this into some horrible version of a yarn loving memoir :p.

Ciao Bella Yarnettes!

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