Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Ok, so I was uber work (as usual), and decided to check my e-mail for the umpteenth time aaaaannd....I got mah Ravelry invite!!! WOOT!

I'd just checked on my invitation earlier today and it said I still had like 2200 people waiting ahead of me, and 2 days of horrid waiting agony to endure!

I am SO happy!
So if you're on there, do look moi up: EclecticBfly !

The Unraveling Yarn Path of Enlightment

So I was looking up the Blue Sky Alpaca website as I'm furthering my intelligence on yarn, past the isles of Michaels, JoAnne, and Wal-marts; and I came across this little saying whilst looking up a local yarn store (who knew one exsited here :P), "Knitting/Crocheting is like the new yoga...", and I feel like that is absolutely the best description to date!

I can't completely describe, in great detail anyway, the sense of calm I get while working with my yarn. It gives my already (I swear) ADHD-like brain a chance to slow down, and think out one thought before it all out catapults towards another. I love that. I don't think I've had that feeling in a while, not even with my music (well...recently anyways). I hope to God that this feeling stays.
You truly do not realize how healing peace is, until you've found a teeny tiny little bit to keep for yourself.

Having said that.. I don't think this, like many of my other "fads" as the Misses calls them, will fade out. I don't think I'll get sick of it...well hopefully not anyways.

I want to learn so much more about it as well. I mean there are SO many different yarns out there. I also have to remind myself that I can't learn everything in one day, so don't get frustrated if I don't. Which is something that happens often, and usually is the ending to the fad I'm usually on.

Ohmigosh, could it be?
Is it true? knitting/crocheting...a...(Le gasp).. Life lesson!?!?!?
You know us college kids just haaaaate those :P.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

*ahem* Soo having put what I'm currently working on..

I think it would also be of interest to put up what I've completed...

Yeah.. 2, count 'em up, 2 whole projects.. :P
Shells Scarf

and the cutesy little flower ties to go with it:

I know they aren't much, but OH YES! I am proooooud!

Also, here's the first thing I evah evah knitted
It's like...a....well it' :P! Out of Lily's Sugar 'N Cream "Hot Pink", I must say I love their colors....

So yuppers..that's whats done so far, yes I know, not much. But hopefully that will change drastically over the next few months!

Would be projects...

I woke up like it was friggin' christmas this morning (nearly a week later :P) just to take photos of what I'm currently working on!
Snapped away like I was a Vogue photographer and my yarns/projects were Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima, and Tyson Beckford rolled into one...Yeah.. Until I tried to upload them to the laptop. The girl's jump drive doesn't support her camera chip. OWIE! It hurts! Soooo you will be left wondering the beauty of my projects, well until I can find a way to upload em.

*UPDATE* So Mrs. Beautiful woke up and helped me with the uploading of photos. Apparehently you can also use a USB chord with her camera, TA DAAAA! So below will be photos of the work at hand! Yay me!

So for now..I'm working:

1)Mini flowers in various shades. Trying to see if I can work them into a necklace's. lol

2) Shells Scarf by Red Heart

3) Stockinette Scarf. by Noone in particular just following the basics from another beginner pattern and putting another little twist on it.

4)Shells Mesh Flat Tote, I got this one from (excellent in helping figure out some of the stitches). This is the first side, which is not, I repeat, is not completed as of yet. I was like waaay into it and had to take a break :P.

So that's pretty much it for now. I've decided, instead of freaking out over not getting it IMMEDIATELY, like I was when I (don't laugh :-( ) couldn't get the cable stitch, I'll just work my way up.. with my ultimate goal being the two hats I mentioned in my earlier post, and a pair of adorable socks for the misses :D!

Let me try not to pull out my braids eh?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Yay me!

Good Evening,'ve decided since, I'm going to learn to knit, and further my abilities in crocheting... I'll keep up with my projects via blogging form! Woot!

My ultimate goal, is to make the all around stunning Side Clip Cloche & Side Grande Hat, patterns both from Boutique Knits.

*DROOLS* Isn't it sooo gorgeous!?!?

So yeah.. as far as knitting is concerned, I've barely learned the Stockinette stitch. I'm currently using that to make my girlfriend yet another scarf! Ok ok she only has one right now..but I can tell it's going to turn into many :P. I'm feeling alittle down about it though. I was taught how to crochet by my mother when I was 10. Though I did not keep up with it through the last 11 years, I have from time to time done little mini projects to keep the skill up, so that I can one day teach my children. But with knitting...I'm hitting this I can't get passed the knit and purl stitch. Using both, I know the garder and stockinette stitch, but I am desperate to get passed it...
I soooooo think the Side Grande Hat, will look amazing on her! AAAH! I can't wait! I'm so excited!
So I've also picked up one of those little books from Michaels "Designer Sport by Red Heart", there's already three seperate projects I'm going to do staaaaaarting with the Crochet Tripple Throw. I think it would look sublime in our new apartment. The colors they use are browns and tans, and whatnot. Which.. you must know, Dark Browns, like Chocolate and Expresso, are my power colors. But it's not what I want for my apartment, I want COLOR!!! So I've changed the colors to "Melon, Iced Violet, Lemon Zest, and Grape", all yarns by Red Heart Designer Sport.
OH! I didn't tell you! We're moving to NY (it's Long Island, NY :P!)! I'm excited, but mostly scared... I'm leaving all mah friends! But lets not get into that, I'll get all mopey and what not, and totally not in a cute way.
Well since it's late... I'll probably be back tomorrow. Since... *sniffle* I must go to work (stayed home today with a horrid aching tummy...ew!).

Ciao Bellas,