Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sittin' on te dock of the bay...

Ssoooooo after my high of making my first hat. I jumped into making a second! Yeah, in a simple 4 hours! And I think it only took that long because I took a break in between!!

That is just soooo crazy to me.

Here is my beloved for my beloved:

Isn't it just the cutest!!!!
I finished up my first one at work, and showed it around. Not to toot my own horn ...but.. BEEEEEP BEEEEEP... co-workers were asking me to make one for them aswell. I thought they were just being nice. But then folks were coming up with color ideas and different other styles too, it was bananas.
So yes I love making these hats, and will probably make tons more...but I still haven't forgotten my desire to knit. I'm techinically an intermediate beginner as I know how to Knit stitch, Purl stitch, Garter, and Stockingnette stitch. But explain to me why, I'm still scared!?!?!?

I'm over on ravelry, in this forum, and it's about "what patterns are you scared to try" and I'm like "Uuuuh, all of them!?". Of course smart asses replied to the forum with "It's just yarn, you can always take it out and start over". WELL DUH! But still that doesn't mean something can't intimedate you, geez.
I'm sick of making scarves, I want to try and make mittens, or socks, or EVEN attempt at a sweater. But I just don't feel as though I have enough foundation, though I know that I do. So it got me to thinking last night.. the reason I feel alittle more confident with Crocheting is because my mother taught me. I had visual instruction before ever reading or learning to read a pattern. With knitting...I haven't. Well not personal visual instruction. So I'm thinking maybe I should attend at least one class. Because maybe I feel like I need a professional's validation that what I'm doing is the correct way....I dunno... we'll see.. I think I'll try to mess around with it more in the mean time...

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