Friday, January 2, 2009

Don't Stop 'Til Ya Get Enough!

I am totally loving the fact, that I've followed a pattern...and it's coming out the way it's supposed to...

This is a first for me!

Usually I read it...mess it up some how, go back, re-read it. Then realize that I've messed it up, have to frogg some of it ( a new term I've picked up :P, that's right, I'm cool now :D! yay me), re-re-read the pattern, and try to do it again. THEN I get frustrated, cause I've messed it up again, and decide to just forget about it. So yes, you could say this is a first for me.. and it toooootally rocks!

Plus, I'm doing it seemingly really fast, so I'll definitely be done with it by the end of January so I can give it to its new home. Giggidy!!

Seeee there it is! That was yesterday, since then I've added on 12 more rows with no problem! (knocks on wood).
Infact I'm actually running out of the yarn that I am using for it, so I'll have to go back and get more....and I just got my paycheck... Need Yarn + Yarn store + Just got paychcek do the math.. :P.

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