Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Now we're ridin' on the Bfly Bfly...

(Side note: was in Payless and Jessie McCartney's song was on..so naturally it got stuck in mah head :P)


So as I was saying in my last post I've gone ahead and frogged the tote. LOL! Sorry but that just sounds and looks so funny as I type that. Froggin' the tote..lol.

After doing so, I sort of felt like I needed to try and start something else, (like I NEED more WIPs to be concerned about sheesh..) and my little fingers just couldn't keep still. Plus I know that I and the misses need hats to go with our scarves, sooo I've decided to try my hand (again) at making a hat. Plus I found this book that I bought last year, called Crochet Style, that I hadn't even thought of looking at until last night.

As I was flipping through it, I saw a couple of things that I wanted to do. The "Pastel" Flapper Hat being one of them. Now it called for Karabella Gossamer, I don't have any sort of gossamer or thinner yarn around (besides stretch sock yarn), and I don't want to use that sort of yarn if I might possibly mess up the stitch. :P. HOWEVER I do have Lily's Sugar 'n Cream that I have been DYING to work with again, becuase I love the feel of it, and I know that it's such a clean yarn that should anything go south it'll maintain.

So I start in, not expecting much... But so far it's moved along very fast, and I can honestly say, had I started this around 4-5pm I more than likely would have finished it. It's an incredibly easy pattern, increeeeedibly easy.

The girl is sitting right next to me, and has declared that she as well would like one to go with the scarf I gave her for christmas.

:) I'm more than happy to ablidge!

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