Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Would be projects...

I woke up like it was friggin' christmas this morning (nearly a week later :P) just to take photos of what I'm currently working on!
Snapped away like I was a Vogue photographer and my yarns/projects were Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima, and Tyson Beckford rolled into one...Yeah.. Until I tried to upload them to the laptop. The girl's jump drive doesn't support her camera chip. OWIE! It hurts! Soooo you will be left wondering the beauty of my projects, well until I can find a way to upload em.

*UPDATE* So Mrs. Beautiful woke up and helped me with the uploading of photos. Apparehently you can also use a USB chord with her camera, TA DAAAA! So below will be photos of the work at hand! Yay me!

So for now..I'm working:

1)Mini flowers in various shades. Trying to see if I can work them into a necklace bracelets...damn..hair-tye's. lol

2) Shells Scarf by Red Heart

3) Stockinette Scarf. by Noone in particular just following the basics from another beginner pattern and putting another little twist on it.

4)Shells Mesh Flat Tote, I got this one from About.com (excellent in helping figure out some of the stitches). This is the first side, which is not, I repeat, is not completed as of yet. I was like waaay into it and had to take a break :P.

So that's pretty much it for now. I've decided, instead of freaking out over not getting it IMMEDIATELY, like I was when I (don't laugh :-( ) couldn't get the cable stitch, I'll just work my way up.. with my ultimate goal being the two hats I mentioned in my earlier post, and a pair of adorable socks for the misses :D!

Let me try not to pull out my braids eh?

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