Tuesday, December 30, 2008

*ahem* Soo having put what I'm currently working on..

I think it would also be of interest to put up what I've completed...

Yeah.. 2, count 'em up, 2 whole projects.. :P
Shells Scarf

and the cutesy little flower ties to go with it:

I know they aren't much, but OH YES! I am proooooud!

Also, here's the first thing I evah evah knitted
It's like...a....well it's...uh....swatch? :P! Out of Lily's Sugar 'N Cream "Hot Pink", I must say I love their colors....

So yuppers..that's whats done so far, yes I know, not much. But hopefully that will change drastically over the next few months!


  1. You go!! I'm envious of your crochet skillz....love the flower ties...those would make super awesome chokers.

    Your swatch looks great.....keep up the knitting....but I warn you, it's a major addiction.

  2. I spent the entire four days off getting the basic stitch down.. ZOMG! Totally addicted already! And I haven't even learned that much yet!